Visual identity and logo for Frifond


Frifond is a norwegian support scheme where children and young adults can get financial support to cultural activities.

Through Frifond, groups of at least three people can apply for up to NOK 40,000 for projects of varying sizes. This includes activities such as building something in the local community, make an event, or start a band – the sky is the limit.

It was important for Frifond to target children and young adults, as these are the ones who can apply. I therefore used a playful color palette as a starting point, and combinated this with illustrations that has a personal and hand-drawn look.

After the rebranding, Frifond increased by 11% more approved applications in 2018.

Visual identity and logo for Frifond.

Made by me as a part of Kult Byrå.

Year: 2017/2018