Nordic Screens

Visual identity and logo for Nordic Screens.


After several years in TV 2, the founders of Nordic Screens saw that the media- and advertising agencies no longer managed to keep up with people's media habits. Why didn't the advertisements between TV shows work anymore?

You no longer reach young people through linear television. They are on YouTube, Instagram and other new platforms that are constantly emerging.

Nordic Screens launched to deliver high-quality content on these digital platforms, in order to help both public and private organizations run effective youth campaigns. They wanted a fresh expression, but also had to be serious enough in order for public organizations to invest millions in their projects.

We did research among other brands with a youthful touch, such as Spotify, and then moved towards the Nordic nature for inspiration.

A bit like the ever-moving northern lights, Nordic Screens now communicate that they always move forward. If the youngsters switch from Instagram to yet another platform, Nordic Screens will join them. That's why we decided on a play icon, which swings around in an infinite loop.


Visual identity and logo for Nordic Screens.

Made by me as a part of Kult Byrå.

Year: 2018